KN95 Face Mask

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At Kaye’s Fab Hair we take health very seriously. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it’s crucial we protect ourselves, our loved ones, everyone.  The CDC along with the  Federal government recommends all US Americans to wear mask, when in public, to prevent the spread Covid-19. Getting protective and preventive supplies has been challenging so we at Kaye’s Fab Hair thought we’d help out by supplying disposable Mask.

The Medical grade N95 mask can be used to block 95% of tiny particles(0.3 micron) that float in the air.   This mask protects you from viruses, bacteria, allergens, pollen, smoke, dust, and exhaust in the air.  Make sure to wear your N95 mask tightly fitted to your face. This mask in not suitable for children because it won’t fit properly.

FDA approved

Safe and soft material

Easy, comfortable, breathable to wear

Flexible loops to go around ears

*** Kaye’s Fab Hair does not guarantee this product will totally prevent you from any sort of illness. This product is for preventative use.***
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