Kaye's Fab Virgin Brazilian Straight Women Hair Extension - BUNDLE DEAL SPECIAL
The Brazilian Straight is a great texture for those new to hair extensions or simply want to enjoy a more sleek look. Brazilian Straight can be cut, colored, or curled to achieve your desired look. Once shampooed, the hair will...
$225.00 from $187.50
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Kaye's Fab Virgin Mongolian Tight Curly Kinky Curly Human Hair Extensions Natural Black Wigs For Women - 12'-28 Size - BUNDLE DEAL SPECIAL
The Mongolian Tight Curl is perfect for naturalistas or those transitioning from straight perms. It is the coarsest texture that we sell. The Tight Curl is very soft and tends to match beautifully with natural hair. When the Mongolian Tight...
$240.00 from $187.50
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